We all want to look good. Attractive people get better jobs with higher salaries, get out of speeding tickets more often and get tons of other little bonuses in life. They’re seen as smarter, friendlier and more physically able to perform tasks. Psychologists call it the halo effect, and it happens without us realizing.

In my opinion, use it to your advantage. Look good. Feel Better.

Your hair is a great place to start because it’s easy to change. It can also say a lot about your personality. Here are some simple tips for girls to have better-looking hair:

Penelope Cruz

1. Apply highlights

A 2004 study at Florida State University found guys like dark hair. Of course, that’s in married men. Brunettes are seen as more down to earth, blondes are lively, and redheads are wild. What’s more important is adding visual texture to your hair. Adding highlights makes hair more eye-catching because of the change in colors. Think of it this way: would you rather stare at a blank wall or one with a mural?

2. Apply lift to the front of your hair

From personal experience, nothing looks weirder than seeing someone with a cone-shaped head. From a non-personal science perspective, cone-shaped heads looks weird. One of the major causes of cone-shaped-head syndrome is the hair on the crown of your head sticking up higher than in the front.

There are some simple fixes to this major medical issue. First, hair spray works wonders. Don’t go overboard, but just holding up your bangs a little can help a lot. On the other hand, ponytails also work pretty well by pulling down the hair in the back. It’s like cheating, but there aren’t actually rules to break.

3. Layer your hair (or have your hair stylist do it)

Youthfulness is attractive. I probably could have mentioned this at many earlier points in time, but I didn’t. Anyway, the more youthful someone’s appearance, the more attractive they are

Why does layering work? Voluminous hair makes a person appear healthy and youthful. Also, that 2004 study shows men like longer hair as well. Volume: good. Length: good. Volume and length: good. Layering creates both, so it makes sense to do it.


If you’re a guy, or are interested in how guys can have better-looking hair, check out my simple tips for that, too.

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Peace. -Matt