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“Twitter is the world, it reflects the world, and it’s different things to different people at different times and we need to embrace that.” -Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter

Twitter is expanding. Rapidly. Like a Peep in the microwave.

Over the past week I used Twitter more in an attempt to learn why Twitter is quickly taking over the world of social media. I noticed businesses using Twitter in creative ways. Here are some reasons companies use Twitter to reach you:

1. Instant broadcasting. If you need a quick, easy way to talk to millions of people at once, Twitter gives it to you in 140 characters or less. That’s not bad, especially considering the average American has an eight-second attention span and the need for instant information. (Diapers not included.)

Among the tweets are some sales, but most tweets contain details about upcoming events. The ability to create public events and not need to spend thousands of dollars marketing to get people interested presents a golden opportunity for companies. Which brings us to:

2. Cheap. I have a Twitter account, and I’m a college boy. If I can [technically] talk to the world on my income (which is zero), businesses jump all over the opportunity to do the same.

3. Interactive. Businesses don’t want to be seen as large entities that only care about the bottom line, true or not. Connecting with customers ensures loyalty, and Twitter offers a unique way to be involved with them.

Aside from directly responding to people, companies also create personae–apparently the plural form of persona. @thenorthface likes to keep it earthy. They promote outdoor activities and news about outdoor sporting. Switch it over to @Nike, and the entire feeling changes. Nike often tweets things a visionary might say. I can’t imagine it’s an easy job to be so optimistic all the time, but somebody at Nike remains vigilant in the face of obstacles. Or something like that.

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ImageReality is all about perception. If you believe something is true, then it’s true in your world until proven otherwise. I had a conversation with my dad earlier today about my future career in marketing. Being a little narcissistic, I claimed that I will one day turn my brand name into a dictionary word. There’s a fine line between being a visionary and delusional, and it’s whether or not you succeed.

But some companies have already filtered their way into our reality. When’s the last time it dawned on you that a Band-Aid isn’t an actual thing? Googling is really researching on the internet. No greater marketing exists than prescribing a reality which can only sustain itself with the help of your brand.

The Apple epidemic hosts an article naming 10 companies with insanely great marketing. In my opinion, it’s incredibly accurate.

Of course, topping the list is one of the fastest-growing companies in the world, Apple, Inc. How is Apple growing so rapidly? Yeah, it’s a rhetorical question.


“There’s an app for that.”

Apple has made fantastic strides in posing their products as necessary for small business owners. They market versatility and utility at the same time, which, for these entrepreneurs, means more flexibility. In the world of a small business owner, small business withers and dies without Apple technology.

They haven’t stopped there. Apple is slowly carving it’s name into all computer technology with the invention of the app. Someone very clever realized that the company shares their first three letters with the word. It’s technically a program, but all handheld or touch-screen devices are either downloading apps or doing it wrong. And Apple’s motto is so simple and catchy, too! Unfortunately, no app actually exists for printing counterfeit money, digging graves, or wiping after going to the bathroom.

You can’t spell “friendship” without “social networking”

Social media expands more rapidly than Charlie Sheen’s ego. With so many possible ways to connect to people, social media outlets need to make themselves stand out from the competition. Facebook dominates the competition having several verbs created in its likeness. Does anybody even remember Myspace? (If you answered no, click the link. It shocked me.)

Twitter goes above and beyond the call of duty. Rather than waiting for people to catch on and invent verbiage, Twitter developed its own culture. An account is a twitter, a message is a tweet, and posting messages is tweeting. If you don’t speak the lingo, your only excuse is geriatrics.

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