Pretty people: we like them. We give them benefits. While it may seem ridiculous, it’s true, and it might be happening without you realizing it.

Studies have demonstrated many ways in which physically attractive people are treated better than the average person. For every inch of height a man has, he earns about $600 more for his annual salary. Attractive people are less likely to be caught lying; attorneys are always trying to put the most attractive people they can on the witness stand to sway the jury. Even when we’re babies, we tend to look at pretty faces for longer periods than, well, the not-so-pretty ones. This video pretty much sums up what attractive people can get away with.

So what makes a person attractive?  Some people will say it’s a person’s personality. Yes, this is true, but it’s not the whole picture. Whether or not we like to admit it, certain physical qualities can make a person more attractive. Here’s a quick look at some major things that make a person beautiful:

  1. Symmetry: Humans are bilaterally symmetrical. That is, we look the same on our right side as we do on our left, assuming we haven’t had surgery or a birth defect or whatever. however, minor differences do occur, and they happen fairly frequently. Maybe one eye is slightly larger than the other, one arm is a millimeter longer than the other, the person’s nose is slightly crooked… It’s hard for us to notice without paying very close attention, but our brains can quickly determine how symmetrical a person is. More symmetrical people are more attractive.
  2. Sexual Dimorphism: This beauty of a term just means that women and men have different physical characteristics. These differences are caused by genetics and hormones. many studies have found that more attractive people are the ones who display these sex-identifying characteristics to a larger degree. For women, larger breasts, a 70 percent waist-to-hip ratio, and long, slender legs are more attractive. For men, broader shoulders, muscular chests, and a 90 percent waist-to-hip ratio are more attractive.
    • Fun fact: The larger waists of women indicate a better ability to give birth while the smaller waists of men are essential for pelvic thrusting!
  3. Appearance of Health: In history, healthier people were more likely to survive to have kids. According to Charles Darwin, father of the theory of evolution, members of a species that are more likely to produce offspring are more attractive. It’s this crazy idea that we hope the human race continues on after us. Some ways in which people appear healthier are unblemished skin tones and lean muscles. When women cross their legs, the lower leg pushes on the calf of the one on top, making the muscle appear more toned.

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I hope you all live forever. – Matt


First, an aesthetically pleasing picture to grab your attention.

I haven’t posted a while, but it’s time to start again. Summer was crazy busy. I worked as Program Director for a Boy Scout summer camp, so I wasn’t really in any position to use technology much. Now that school has started again, that’s changed, and I’m excited to start pumping out more content. Here are some of the exciting things to look for:

  1. Research on Physical Attractiveness – I’m doing my college thesis attractiveness of models in clothing advertising. We know what the ideal person looks like. If you take pictures of a bunch of faces (same sex) and average them together with a computer program, you get a very accurate approximation of the ideal person. What I want to know is how much more attractive that ideal is than models, and why.
  2. Persuasion Theory in Advertising – I want to post some more commercials and break them down. Why are so many of the things we see so compelling? Marketers use specific tactics to get our attention and force us to behave the way they prescribe. It’s a fascinating science with a lot more detail than most people realize.
  3. The Superbowl Archives – I promised this before, but it hasn’t happened yet. Well, it’s going to. I insist.

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I hope you all live forever. – Matt

We all want to look good. Attractive people get better jobs with higher salaries, get out of speeding tickets more often and get tons of other little bonuses in life. They’re seen as smarter, friendlier and more physically able to perform tasks. Psychologists call it the halo effect, and it happens without us realizing.

In my opinion, use it to your advantage. Look good. Feel Better.

Your hair is a great place to start because it’s easy to change. It can also say a lot about your personality. Here are some simple tips for girls to have better-looking hair:

Penelope Cruz

1. Apply highlights

A 2004 study at Florida State University found guys like dark hair. Of course, that’s in married men. Brunettes are seen as more down to earth, blondes are lively, and redheads are wild. What’s more important is adding visual texture to your hair. Adding highlights makes hair more eye-catching because of the change in colors. Think of it this way: would you rather stare at a blank wall or one with a mural?

2. Apply lift to the front of your hair

From personal experience, nothing looks weirder than seeing someone with a cone-shaped head. From a non-personal science perspective, cone-shaped heads looks weird. One of the major causes of cone-shaped-head syndrome is the hair on the crown of your head sticking up higher than in the front.

There are some simple fixes to this major medical issue. First, hair spray works wonders. Don’t go overboard, but just holding up your bangs a little can help a lot. On the other hand, ponytails also work pretty well by pulling down the hair in the back. It’s like cheating, but there aren’t actually rules to break.

3. Layer your hair (or have your hair stylist do it)

Youthfulness is attractive. I probably could have mentioned this at many earlier points in time, but I didn’t. Anyway, the more youthful someone’s appearance, the more attractive they are

Why does layering work? Voluminous hair makes a person appear healthy and youthful. Also, that 2004 study shows men like longer hair as well. Volume: good. Length: good. Volume and length: good. Layering creates both, so it makes sense to do it.


If you’re a guy, or are interested in how guys can have better-looking hair, check out my simple tips for that, too.

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