We all want to look good. Attractive people get better jobs with higher salaries, get out of speeding tickets more often and get tons of other little bonuses in life. They’re seen as smarter, friendlier and more physically able to perform tasks. Psychologists call it the halo effect, and it happens without us realizing.

In my opinion, use it to your advantage. Look good. Feel Better.

Your hair is a great place to start because it’s easy to change. It can also say a lot about your personality. Here are some simple tips for guys to have better-looking hair:

Ryan Reynolds

1. Use conditioner

Healthy is attractive, and healthy hair shines. Conditioner gives hair moisture, which allows it to reflect light. That shine suggests your body has adequate nutrients for growth and other bodily maintenance, so it’s more attractive.

Showering is good because it promotes soft hair, but better-looking hair has a glimmer to it. Soap can take away some of that shine, and conditioner puts it right back.

2. Keep it short

A major factor in what is attractive is highlighting gender differences. Shaving and hair-cutting have been around for ages, but the popularity of short hair for men starts in 300 BC. The Macedonians started shaving their beards so they could not be pulled in battle. Shaved heads also followed. That tradition continues today in armies around the world, and it also remains in society though the purpose is defunct.

Short hair is commonly seen as a major gender signal for guys, so shorter hair is more attractive. Plus, it’s easier to take care of.

3. Tidy up

Most guys just don’t care about their hair. Girls do. Society does. Just combing your hair is an easy way to look like you care enough to take care of yourself. If you can’t take care of yourself, there’s no way you will take care of anybody else, and society frowns on that.


If you’re a girl, or are interested in how girls can have better-looking hair, check out my simple tips for that, too.

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1. Brochures – Print is far from outdated in business and advertising. Companies are constantly putting out brochures, pamphlets, fliers, etc., to get your attention. I’ll be taking a look at some cool brochures, what works and what doesn’t. I guarantee there will be neat pictures. This will be posted on Sunday or Monday.

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4. The Superbowl Archives – I love watching the Superbowl and the commercials that come with it. Every year I make a list of my favorite commercials, so I figured I would put those on the blog. (Hopefully all the videos are on YouTube. Other sites don’t seem to embed videos well.) I’ll then talk a little about why they’re such great pieces of work.

Hair. It’s all around our heads, or in my uncle’s case, slowly disappearing. We wear it different ways: spiked, flat, long, short, curly, straight, etc., but any way you choose to do your own ‘do, it makes a statement. Here are some things you may or may not know you’re communicating to others:

1. Color

It’s no secret that color communicates a lot. You always hear about the dumb blonde or the temperamental redhead. A study was done at my sister’s college on how people perceive girls with different hair colors. Not surprisingly, most of the stereotypes held. Luckily, they weren’t all negative. Yes, redheads were considered the most temperamental, but they also ranked highest in passion.

Brunettes were rated smartest with blondes coming in at the bottom. Sorry, golden-haired angels. However, on the exact opposite end of the spectrum blondes were considered the most fun and social while brunettes were shunned to being the wallflowers of a party.

Hair color means even more than this. Take a look at this article by a stylist for Marie Claire. Dark hair carries an air of mystery. Blonde hair brightens up the face and accentuates facial features. Either way, color always attracts attention.

2. Texture

Straight or wavy? Fluffy or flat? No, I didn’t have a better word than fluffy. I think it fits nicely.

If we’re looking at texture, there’s an interesting trend over the past few decades. If you were alive during the 80s, I’m sure you remember big hairstyles with plenty of this stuff. How could you forget? But over the past 30 years hairstyles have gone from lavish to simple with an emphasis on being touchable.

Alessandra Ambrosio is one of the top five highest paid models in the world and for good reason. In the top picture, she shows off flat hair (well, blown by some magical wind). It’s essentially… perfect, for lack of a better term. What I mean is think of a lake in the mountains of Colorado. On a day without wind, the water is completely still. Everything is tranquil. It seems like a sin to disturb the surface. Flat or straight hair provides that untouchable sensation. Since people naturally want what we can’t have, it’s very attractive.

On the other hand, same model, different hairstyle. The frizzy look is much more approachable. While attractive is a good thing, sometimes you may want to try the messed up look for other purposes. Not those purposes. Unless you really want to. Talk about prescribing reality with this picture…

3. Length

When Emma Watson made the switch to the “boy” cut, people were shocked. Hair length has served as a signal of gender for ages. The military requires short, tidy hair (if any at all). This dates back thousands of years. If you have no hair, it can’t be pulled in a fight. That’s why shorter hair is traditionally masculine. And since short hair is masculine, long hair has been considered feminine purely because it’s the opposite.

Hair length also carries some other meanings. When a fugitive wants to alter their appearance, they trim their hair first. Cutting off long locks changes our identity. Like that article said before, people get what Kyle White refers to as the “breakover.” Shorter hair shows off a free spirit.

That’s not to say long hair is bad. Long hair is impressive. You can style it many different ways. Long hair is more approachable than short hair, so if you just want to fit in, long hair is the way to go.

That’s all for today!  If you’re looking for some tips on making your own hair look better, check out my page for girls and for guys. What are some interesting, crazy, or really pretty hairstyles you’ve seen? Leave a comment below!

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