Hypnosis works with the power of suggestion. Suggestion, in this context, occurs when someone is unable to consciously process their environment and messages leak in subconsciously.

Above is my favorite commercial from the 2005 Superbowl. It’s the perfect example of a great marketing tactic. Everything is completely random. You become confused and/or engrossed in the action. Then they slip in the product message (even jokingly calling it optional). The commercial keeps attention long enough to suggest using FedEx.


Social media is a quickly-growing realm, but people often get caught up in the social part and forget the media aspect. Businesses are racing to create Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, etc. We still can’t calculate the return on investment, but logic assumes the R.O.I. for social media is pretty high.

That’s where businesses are wrong. 1million likes on a Facebook page mean nothing if nobody buys a single product.

Don’t lose sight of the purpose of business.

What is Project 80? Mike Faga (@michael_faga), friend and professional blogger, gave me some advice on good blog writing skills. “Keep them short,” he said.

Project 80 is a new series I’m starting. I want to give advice on marketing, blogging, social media, and other strategic communications. But every post in Project 80 will be 80 words or fewer.

So let’s begin.

Lesson one: mysterious headlines grab attention.